Wounds are usually coated in fluid and the partial pressure of oxygen (the availability of oxygen to the vessel wall) drops off to nearly zero less than 100 μm away from the vessel wall. This prevents topical oxygen from reaching the wound bed. In order to overcome the barriers that prevent oxygen from diffusing into the blood vessel, we have developed and patented a novel oxygen dispersal system using microfabrication oxygen transport channels. These micro-textured fingerlike projections enable controlled transport of oxygen through the biofilm. Our novel oxygen production technology allows for a slim design profile and improved wearability. The patented technology allows oxygen to be produced via electrolysis (the splitting of water) and as a result, only oxygen is released as gas. This is enabled by the use of a proprietary material that binds the hydrogen from the water-splitting reaction into a hydroxide. Further, the material allows oxygen to form at very low voltages. The reaction requires only 0.2V, enabling miniaturization and very low power consumption (long lifetime). Together, the oxygen delivery and production systems are a breakthrough innovation in providing an affordable, wearable, and highly effective treatment experience.

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Microfabricated Fingerlike Projections
Outer Structural Support
Perforated Sheet
Grid Spacer
Black Mesh
Inner Structural Support
Inner Structural Support
Rubber Seal
Silicone Base