A Revolution in Oxygen Wound Therapy

Oxymend™ is a miniaturized, oxygen-producing bandage that can be placed directly into the wound bed allowing micro-patterned oxygen transport channels to ensure oxygen delivery through the infectious barrier on the wound surface. Oxymend™ has the potential to fundamentally transform chronic wound care.

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How it Works?

Our miniaturized oxygen production and delivery system can be placed directly into the wound bed and oxygen is produced on demand. This enables continuous oxygen treatment for up to 3-days. A full month treatment cycle can be performed for less than 10% of the cost of HBOT. Improved outcomes are anticipated with longer exposure time to oxygen without patient risks.

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Why Oxymend™?


  • Oxygen Delivery
    High Penetration of Biofilm
  • Patient Mobility
    Wearable 24/7, Slim Profile, Flexible
  • Oxygen Duration
    72hr Continuous Oxygen Flow
  • Cost
    10X Lower Cost Compared to HBOT
  • Reimbursable
    Qualified as a reimbursable wound dressing

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